Fabrice Riva

巴黎九大教授法国国家科学研究院(CNRS)金融研究组成员, 公司金融及金融工程硕士负责人


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 ETF Liquidity: What really matters?
Joint with A. Calamia and L. Deville
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Seasoned Equity Offerings: Stock Market Liquidity and the Rights Offer Paradox
Joint with E. Ginglinger and L. Matsoukis
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, vol. 40, n°1-2, January/February 2013, 215-238


Production de liquidité par les marchés boursiers, valorisation des actifs et coûts de financement
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The determinants of volatility on the American crude oil futures market
Joint with D. Lautier
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Liquidity and Arbitrage in Options Markets: A Survival Analysis Approach
Joint with L. Deville
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On the Smile Effect and Market Imperfections in Presence of Jumps and Incomplete Information
Joint with M. Bellalah,
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Performances des sociétés immobilières à la Bourse de Paris
Joint with B. Thion
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